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Rattle Clack Entertainment started as a small indie label / recording studio / video production house located in Pittsburgh PA. The studio is equipped to do all sorts of projects from audio tracking and audio editing / mastering to video shoots and editing video commercials, music videos, and documentaries. As time went on Rattle Clack began to shift its focus to live events.
Rattle Clack is now involved in with conferences throughout the United States as well as several international events. We are very well equipped for mid-sized corporate events as well as private functions, such as wedding/reception lighting and sound systems. No show or event is too small or too big. We produce all types of events and have relationships will all types of additional production companies if additional gear is needed.

Rattle Clack Show

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Our reputation is based your event's success, that's why we take time to discuss your event needs and perform site visits as needed. Our technicians are professional and dress appropriately for each event. We are always available to answer questions via phone or email, no matter what time zone you are in.

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